His Story and My Story

There is a lot of passionate argument right now about Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare”. It seems that the book as well as the television interviews and Netflix episodes have all been incredibly polarizing. The world is lining up—for or against. Why? Are we all experts in the history of British Royalty? Of course not. We … More His Story and My Story

Grace and Fortitude

I am happy to be getting back to blog posts and writing in general after a couple of months’ hiatus due to surgery. It seems that surgical procedures deplete concentration skills. Thankfully those skills are back, and I am healing nicely. Even though I wasn’t able to write for a few weeks, I enjoyed some … More Grace and Fortitude

Who Do You Think You Are?

Recently we were visiting with friends when the discussion turned to the topic of customary greetings around the world. I mentioned that greetings in Thailand are accompanied by a gesture known as the ‘wai’, which involves placing the palms together with fingertips at the nose, the forehead, or the chest while bowing the head. This … More Who Do You Think You Are?

A Body of Thoughts

Recently the actor, Jonah Hill made a social media request, asking people not to comment about his body—good or bad. Hooray for him! I am overjoyed that a celebrity with a substantial public platform has opened up this conversation. For many years, I have been expressing similar sentiments. It is important to maintain a healthy … More A Body of Thoughts

New Podcast Interview

My latest podcast interview is with Denis Murphy at The Happy Mindset. He has posted the interview on Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. But it is easiest to go to his website thehappymindset.com and search for 9 Years in Bangkok. That will bring up my interview. I was very happy with the interview and what was … More New Podcast Interview

An Insightful Review

I was very impressed by this insightful review of my book. This feedback means a great deal to me and I want to share it with all of you. Book Review – Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned by Sharon Bazant I thoroughly have enjoyed reading this book. It deserves several readings as new things … More An Insightful Review

A New Chapter

This past month has opened up an entirely new chapter in my life. What an unexpected gift! I am now of an age where most people’s chapters are mostly on observe, recycle and repeat. There’s no more teenage ecstasy or agony, no more stressful workdays, no more children to raise… One can just enjoy the … More A New Chapter