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The magic of living and traveling in exotic locales doesn’t insulate anyone from a crisis of the soul. Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned is a memoir of Sharon Bazant’s adventurous, roller-coaster life as an ex-pat in Thailand.

Her path to self-discovery and acceptance is illuminated by a very real cast of characters:

  • a Russian Shaman
  • a spell-casting Thai massage master
  • a Scottish hairdresser named Frankie Love
  • a maid named Boom
  • a spirit-channeling ambassador’s wife
  •  and Andrew who became Annie.

As a westerner in Southeast Asia, she pulls back the covers on such topics as traversing culture shock, long-distance parenting, marital breakdown, workplace betrayal (and revenge), mid-life career change, and more. Read how Sharon overcame these challenges and underwent a spiritual transformation during her nine years in Thailand. And, perhaps, see a path for yourself.

ISBN: 9781644389973 (paperback)
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November 2019
324 pages