Grace and Fortitude

I am happy to be getting back to blog posts and writing in general after a couple of months’ hiatus due to surgery. It seems that surgical procedures deplete concentration skills. Thankfully those skills are back, and I am healing nicely. Even though I wasn’t able to write for a few weeks, I enjoyed some … More Grace and Fortitude

Female voices

Are female voices stronger today than they have been in the past? Are we heard? Are we taken seriously? Have we come a long way or is this just another mirage with no real substance? I was born in 1948, a time of hope and burgeoning prosperity in Canada. I had what most people would … More Female voices

The Switchboard

Recently, I was looking through an old scrapbook and I came across a yellowed newspaper clipping from the Calgary Herald dated April 30, 1964. It was entitled Machine No Substitute For Langdon’s Operator. Mrs. Scott, our intrepid community switchboard operator of 46 years was retiring at the age of 76. The article goes on to … More The Switchboard

Childhood Prairie Memories

Summer Through the leaves dappled sunlight falls across my shoulders. Swinging, Swinging Swishing, Sailing Higher, Higher The wind tickles my legs. Giggles bubble in my tummy. Palettes of My Childhood Yellow sun, blue sky, green grass Brown earth, black shoes, pink socks White house, red barn, golden wheat Purple blooms, orange crush, saffron smiles Colors … More Childhood Prairie Memories

What’s Happening Here?

The world around us has become somewhat unrecognizable recently. Passengers get into fist-fights on airplanes, consumption of alcohol and drugs has increased, people have become more tribal, social media posts pump up vitriol, mental health issues are on the rise, and faith in government has taken a hit in many countries. What is going on? … More What’s Happening Here?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Recently we were visiting with friends when the discussion turned to the topic of customary greetings around the world. I mentioned that greetings in Thailand are accompanied by a gesture known as the ‘wai’, which involves placing the palms together with fingertips at the nose, the forehead, or the chest while bowing the head. This … More Who Do You Think You Are?

How Do You Make Friends?

At first glance, the answer to this question seems obvious. From the time we are very young, we connect with others in social situations. As young children, our instincts guide us in seeking compatible playmates. Many people consider their best friends to be those that they made in early childhood, or during their formative school … More How Do You Make Friends?

The Good Mother

I recently watched the movie, The Lost Daughter on Netflix. It explores some of the unvarnished truths of motherhood. The director, Maggie Gyllenhaal, has talked about the two models of motherhood we espouse as a culture—the bad mother who is neglectful and unfit or the good mother who tries to live up to all the … More The Good Mother

Gratitude for the Holidays

Once again Christmas is going to be challenging this year. Countries all over the world are tightening restrictions for gatherings and travel. For many, it feels like this pandemic is going on forever. The future is uncertain. Mental health and addiction issues are on the rise. Buddhist philosophy tells us to focus on what we … More Gratitude for the Holidays

What Kind of Story?

I was sorting through old papers recently and came upon a short piece that I wrote many years ago. It got left behind in a dusty old file. It seems to be a story waiting to be told. But what kind of story would it be? Is it a murder mystery? Or the tale of … More What Kind of Story?