Who Do You Think You Are?

Recently we were visiting with friends when the discussion turned to the topic of customary greetings around the world. I mentioned that greetings in Thailand are accompanied by a gesture known as the ‘wai’, which involves placing the palms together with fingertips at the nose, the forehead, or the chest while bowing the head. This … More Who Do You Think You Are?

A New Chapter

Here’s a little something I wrote that didn’t make it into my new book, Geckos & Guns: The Pakistan Years, reflecting on what the years in Pakistan meant to me as a wife and mother and to our family as a whole. Our family moved to Pakistan in early 1991. This was not a scenario … More A New Chapter

A Little Taste

I am currently conducting research for my next book about our years in Pakistan. I came across this little piece I wrote for fun a few years ago and I want to share it with you. Adventures in Pakistan The heat, the dust, and the crows… These were some of the negatives I heard about … More A Little Taste