New Podcast Interview

My latest podcast interview is with Denis Murphy at The Happy Mindset. He has posted the interview on Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. But it is easiest to go to his website and search for 9 Years in Bangkok. That will bring up my interview. I was very happy with the interview and what was highlighted from Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned. Please take a little time to listen. Thoughts, perceptions and feedback are welcome.

2 thoughts on “New Podcast Interview

  1. I listened to it Sharon and at least it sounded as if he had read it! He asked some interesting questions and you gave a good interview but I’m not sure about him! A polymath? Really? I thought polymaths were geniuses who are able to do anything. He seems to think because he was good at foreign languages and now works with a computer language that qualifies him as a polymath. Still, he gave you a good opportunity to talk about your book so good for him.



    1. Thanks Margaret. Yes he did read my book. He contacted me through one of the groups I belong to on Facebook and asked that we exchange books (I read his book too) and see if my ideas were a good fit for his podcast. I only know what I have read about him online and in his book and also through our conversations. His book is about how he recovered from a psychotic break—interesting but a difficult read at times. He is an interesting person and has come through quite a lot—making some substantial life changes. I don’t know about the polymath part. I had not heard that term before so it’s a new concept for me. Glad you like the interview!


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