Memories of Thailand

Today I penned some distant memories. My book Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned should be available by the end of October if not sooner. Stay tuned! In the meantime here is a little poem.

The leathery scent of teakwood, sharp aroma of chilies and thick sweet sauce,

Succulent rubbery rambutan and deep purple mangosteen/sweet juicy white flesh,

Thick wet heat, spicy smoke from street stalls—pungent tingling in the throat,

Steaming herbs, exquisite deep pressure of Thai massage releasing tension and pain,

Wai of greeting and respect, the rustle of silk, monks in saffron robes,

Incense burning at the temples/reverence in the pit of the stomach,

Motorbikes weaving in and out of choking traffic jams,

Tuk-tuks spewing toxic fumes, waves of heat rising from the pavement,

Lazy beach days, warm water, hot sun, long walks in the sand,

Toasty skin and cocktails before dinner, floating in the rippling chill of the pool,

Chaos, manicured tropical gardens, intense pinks of bougainvillea, refined artistry of abundant orchids,

Smiles, enticement, living on the cusp of karma.

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