Guest Post – Laura’s Books and Blogs

I am honored to have a featured guest post on Laura’s Books and Blogs this week—an excerpt from Geckos & Guns, Chapter 7 – A Trip Back in Time.

We had only been living in Pakistan for a scant few months when I accompanied Wayne on an official trip to the Swat Valley and Dir District in the remote mountains of what was then known as the North-West Frontier Province. I donned my brand new shalwar kameez, threw a dupatta over my head, and stuffed a few more of these outfits into a suitcase in preparation for heading deep into poppy-growing country. 

This turned out to be a gripping, eye-opening and, at times, heart-stopping adventure. For me, the highlight of the trip was a spur-of-the-moment visit to a remote mountain village where I met Fatima, a bashful Pashtun woman with striking green eyes. It was 1991 but it felt like I had time-traveled back to AD 25. Fatima and I connected for a brief moment in time. The memories of that day still live in my heart.

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