Am I becoming more judgmental in these days of isolation and social distancing? I’ve been asking myself this question more and more lately. In Canada, at least in British Columbia, citizens aren’t forced into seclusion. We have been asked to stay home as much as possible; go out only when necessary. When we do go … More Judgment


Social distancing and isolation are the story of our lives right now. I know we are all trying to make the best of it and connect with each other in new ways, even as we anxiously watch the death toll climb. We just want this to end as soon as possible. But there is also … More Healing

Be a Good Girl

Recently I have watched two documentaries—one about Hillary Clinton entitled Hillary and one about Taylor Swift entitled Miss Americana. Both of them deeply resonated with me. Hillary Clinton is from my generation but Taylor Swift is barely 30. What do these stories of two very different women have in common? They both deal with the … More Be a Good Girl

Grandma is Home

I found this today while looking through some of my bits and pieces of writing from long ago. It’s about one of my favourite places–my Grandma’s house: I remember sitting on a stool in the sun-dappled warmth of my Grandma’s kitchen. As she kneaded bread I would peer at the deep purple and yellow pansies … More Grandma is Home


What is a friend? One definition includes the phrases ‘having a close relationship, bond or attachment’ and another says ‘considering another’s well-being to be as valuable as your own.’ I’m a Taurus and true, lifelong friendships are important to me. I try to be honest in my relationships as I hope others will be honest … More Friendship

Removing Obstacles

This morning I picked sweet peas from my garden—brilliant red; the heavenly scent of my grandmother’s kitchen in summer. I baked an angel food cake—a sweet, frothy treat for my family on Canada Day. While it was baking and cooling I re-watched the movie Eat Pray Love. All three activities provided nourishment for my soul. In the … More Removing Obstacles

Dancing Lessons

Since returning to Canada in 2005 my husband and I have been taking ballroom and latin dance lessons. You might think, “They must be professional dancers by now with all those studio classes under their belts.” Well, you would be wrong. Dancing is one of those things you can study for years and still have … More Dancing Lessons