Friday Night Lesson: A True Story

We all have ‘dinner party stories’ to tell. Here is one of ours. Long before we started to travel, live overseas, and explore the world, we had some unique down-home adventures. Feel free to share one of yours.

It was a chilly spring night in Alberta, 1971. Jim and Sara were winding down with a late movie. Next door a loud raunchy party was getting underway. The balcony was spilling over with shouts of “Let me out of jail.” Fed up, tired, and bored, Sara decided to retire for the night. She leaned over, gave Jim a quick kiss and said, “Don’t forget to lock the door when you come to bed.”

The next morning Sara awoke with a start. Wrapped in a dream, she shivered and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom. Something wasn’t right. Their apartment door was ajar; the bathroom door was locked. As she groggily wrestled with the bathroom latch, a loud moan emanated from inside. She shouted for Jim. He stumbled down the hallway. Just then a massive, bleary-eyed woman flung open the bathroom door. Jim attempted to take the intruder’s arm, but she flattened him against the wall. The couple stood in shock as their uninvited overnight guest drunkenly made her way down the hall to the neighboring apartment.

Jim and Sara moved soon after that. Jim never again forgot to lock the door.