Six Months and Counting

The world went quiet. Everything stopped. We isolated. No friends, no neighbours, no dancing, no grandchildren, no meetings, no appointments. Only groceries and pharmacies. Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week—just here. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote every day. Watched TV at night. Masked outings. Sanitized and washed again and again. Scrubbed down ourselves, the house, the groceries, the mail. Watched with horror as people died and the numbers went up. Gruesome stories on TV and social media. I chipped a tooth from grinding my teeth, my hair started falling out. I was nauseous.

Then we relaxed a little. Extended our bubble to family and grandkids. Kisses and hugs healed our anxious souls. We publicly dined—outside. We took long walks distancing from others. We met with neighbours outside in circles with distance. Then we ate inside—twice. Nerve-wracking! People coughed or sneezed. Good news…. First draft of my book finished.

Then we decided it might be time to move. Why??? We are older, our place is big, too much gardening, want to be closer to grandkids. Found ourselves walking in and out of houses. People walking in and out of ours. More masks, more sanitizing. Selling our precious items of a lifetime online, from the garage. Trips to the thrift store; trips to the dump. Soon we will move. More stress, more teeth grinding.

Here’s to the next six months.

12 thoughts on “Six Months and Counting

  1. Where are you moving to? It is a crazy world out there. Is this a culling. My question mark key will not work. Am I in a movie Relaxing is almost impossible. Being grateful, remains the most important task these days. Stay safe, deep breaths. Hugs, Stella


  2. I love your writing style…it has been a twilight zone type of life lately..just not sure what is right and what is wrong to do…


  3. Good luck with your move! We, too, needed a new place to be with ourselves😂, so egged on Ashley and George to buy a mountain place in Banner Elk, North Carolina at Elk River Club. They did, and we’ll start going up there in two weeks for ten day stays until they reclaim the place for Christmas and Jan-Feb ski season. We won’t sell this place till the bitter end, But I can see how too much property can be a problem. Without Kenny working nearly full time we’d be screwed.
    Maybe you’ve heard from friends around the world that they aren’t back to anything like normal yet either. All our favorite places mostly closed or so changed as to be unrecognizable. This new lifestyle is calm and gives me a chance to arrange and hand down things of interest, too… I guess we’re all on the same page taking it as it comes. Send pictures of the new abode!

    Hugs to all the family❤️🥰😘 Barbara


    1. Great to hear from you. It has been strange times. Good to know that all of you are doing ok. We are looking forward to being closer to the ocean and the kids. Big hugs back to all of you.


  4. Since we are getting older and made some life changes last year we moved to a smaller area and downsized a lot. It is nice not to have all that stuff. The good stuff was donated or given to the children. Good luck on your new place.


  5. On the go again! And after sequestering yourself for several months I can understand how going out socializing and looking at houses to buy would be nerve-wracking. Being closer to the kids and grandkids will be great for you and them while downsizing is always a good idea at any age. Congratulations on finishing your wonderful book, buying a house, and moving onto the next stage of your lives.


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