Corrections and Comments about Judgment Blog

I need to make a correction to my last blog post entitled ‘Judgment’. The correct spacing for social distancing in Canada is 2 meters or approximately 6 feet. I inadvertently wrote 3 meters and I apologize for the mistake.

Of course the point of this blog wasn’t precision of distance but rather an introspection about my judgments. There are different interpretations as to what social distancing really means. Does it mean that you stay in your home and only go out for necessities? Does it mean that you can go for a walk in the neighbourhood if you stay 2 meters apart from other walkers? Does it mean that you can host an outside party if you all stay the proper distance away from each other?

People have their own ideas about what staying at home and social distancing mean. This is the difficult part of our new reality. How careful do we have to be? Where is the line that we cross that puts ourselves and others at risk? We all need to think about that right now.

For all of my readers and those that have responded to my most recent blog post, I had no intention of confronting your behaviours around social distancing. The most important thing is for all of us to look after each other, especially the poor and disadvantaged. They are suffering the most.

2 thoughts on “Corrections and Comments about Judgment Blog

  1. Let’s see if this response gets to you, Sharon! You’re right, everybody has a different view of how they want to deal with this situation. Here in Kentucky all was going pretty well until we started having storms and electricity and water outages. After all, everything runs on electric it seems, so no water, no fridge, no internet, lights, or swimming pool pumps going….so what do we do? well, here everybody living in a rural place had to get in their trucks and head to the nearest town to plug into an outlet to recharge their phone and then try to find a hotspot to get on-line to get news on the outages…..then they run out of gas for the truck to drive an hour back home because they lost their job and have zero money in the bank for gas….the bank lobbies are closed so you can only get $500 dollars from the ATM, if you even have it, or cash a check at the drive-thru teller, if you have an account…..when you do finally get back home, the phone is dead again so you can’t call emergency services anyway….🧐🤔🤦‍♀️


  2. The next step is to hope you still have some gas left in the gas grill canister so you can start cooking all the food that has defrosted in the freezers you had stocked for the coming confinement, which will last several months if you want to stay alive; or decide to risk it and ride the bucking bronco…..

    Sharon, Let me know if you got these replies! ❤️🥰😘


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