Hooray! Nine Years in Bangkok… is available now.

About the Book

Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned is an adventurous memoir of the author’s roller coaster life in Thailand. The book was originally written as a personal catharsis—an attempt to heal ‘Thailand wounds’. But, in re-visiting her experiences, the author realized that she wanted to share her ordeals and insights with a wider audience as others may be able to learn from them. Many will identify with her overwhelming struggles and come to understand how she surmounted these difficulties through meditation and spiritual transformation and, perhaps, see a path for themselves. Also, plenty of curious readers and armchair travelers will enjoy the vicarious experience of living in a different culture and seeing the world through her eyes as she tours extensively in the region and beyond.

In comparison with other genres, there are not a great many memoirs written by women living abroad and this one offers something for everyone as it pulls back the covers on such topics as: being uprooted from your comfort zone, moving into the unknown, traversing culture shock, long distance parenting, marital breakdown, workplace betrayal and revenge, mid-life career change, physical transformation, spiritual enlightenment, family betrayal and more. This story is inhabited by a very real cast of characters. To name a few—a Russian Shaman, a spell-casting Thai massage master, a Scottish hairdresser named Frankie Love, a maid named Boom, a spirit-channeling ambassador’s wife, and Andrew who became Annie.

The magic of living and traveling in exotic locales with financial benefits and domestic help doesn’t insulate anyone from unforeseen setbacks or crises of the soul. In fact, the freedom of living outside our ingrained cultural mores and values often has the effect of leaving us more vulnerable. Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned illuminates a path to self-discovery and acceptance that many will find inspiring and uplifting.

Order now at online bookstores and Amazon. Available in both ebook and paperback at Booklocker.com. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Hooray! Nine Years in Bangkok… is available now.

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Congratulations! I am going to order the e-book edition, I am so glad that was an option. Bruce and I are travelling in the states now, so that works perfectly.

    You should be very proud of your incredible accomplishment! I am really looking forward to a great read.


    Sent from my iPhone



  2. What a great accomplishment Sharon. !From a little farm girl to such a Well traveled and worldly wise Woman I very proud of all you’ve overcome AND all of your accomplishments
    Pat m


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