Removing Obstacles

This morning I picked sweet peas from my garden—brilliant red; the heavenly scent of my grandmother’s kitchen in summer. I baked an angel food cake—a sweet, frothy treat for my family on Canada Day. While it was baking and cooling I re-watched the movie Eat Pray Love. All three activities provided nourishment for my soul.

In the last three months I have been experiencing rejection—lots of it. Everyone tells me that is what happens when you submit to publishers and agents after writing a book but, nevertheless, it’s not easy. It took me more than a month just to prepare all the documents needed for submission—book synopses, marketing strategies, chapter summaries and more. Each agency and publisher has a different set of submission guidelines which must be followed meticulously.

So far I have made more than 12 submissions and received three rejections and mostly no responses whatsoever. One smaller publisher agreed to accept my manuscript and then decided to reject it. That one felt like a punch to the solar plexus. I came pretty close to just giving up on my book.

But I have some great support from my editor who keeps reminding me that I have written an excellent memoir and it just has to find the right publisher. That has helped tremendously.

And this morning I decided to help myself, look inside and remember what is important—fragrant flowers, good food, love of family… Watching Eat Pray Love reminded me of my meditation retreat in Thailand all those years ago. It reminded me to look inside, find my strength and carry on.

One scene in an Indian shop also reminded me that I have my own Ganesh (the elephantine headed Hindu idol that is a symbol of strength and power—a remover of obstacles). Life will continue to confront me with limitations, obstacles, rejection but I don’t have to let that deter me from finding my place in the publishing world. 8C0DCD37-5201-42CC-9C56-2E4CEAD1B41D

8 thoughts on “Removing Obstacles

  1. This is tough Sharon. It is so much easier when we are in charge of our own destiny instead of having to accept the reviews of others in order to move forward. One of my favorite self messages during times when faced with obstacles is to ‘practice ambiguity tolerance.’ To move forward requires a lot of ‘living through and embracing confusion and uncertainty.’ However, this is never easy. Trust that it will happen when it is meant to happen and you will understand your journey in retrospect. Love and take care by focusing on those special times – just as you are doing!


  2. Great strategy to still enjoy the simple things. Remember so many people were rejected who then became stars! It’s about the timing and stars aligning. I’ll definitely help when I’m home. There’s a small publisher in Canberra who might be interested. And I’ll be in Bangkok to visit my new grandson and shall chat to Benjamin too. Don’t lose heart ❣ xx


  3. I personally and truly hope you do not give up! I enjoy your writings a lot. I agree with Donna…embracing the uncertainty….it WILL happen when it is meant to happen…keep on keeping on!


  4. How wonderful to see that you have such supportive friends. I agree with them. Don’t give up. continue working on it. In the end, it will be worthwhile.


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