Mother’s Day Rumination

Mothering is
tough and messy
long days, long nights.
Giving birth, nurturing,
sacrificing parts of yourself.
You love these gorgeous humans
made in your image.
You wish upon a star for them.
You teach them to have ideals,
courage, wisdom, respect for others,
ambitions, humility, compassion.
But you are still you
With all your faults and tics.
They bear witness to your actions
every moment.
This is the conundrum.
We mothers are set an impossible task.
For it is not what we teach children
that has the most impact.
It is the example we set as parents.
And we are flawed mistake-making humans.
So here’s to the tough uphill battle
of being a model mother.
And a hot mess of a human.
So on Mother’s Day maybe just say
“Thanks for trying Mom.
We see you and we love you anyway.”

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Rumination

  1. As someone who tires of all the sickly sweet Mother’s Day tributes, I appreciate your honest and down-to-earth poem. Keep ’em coming, Sharon.

    Liked by 1 person

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