What is worthy of your time and attention?

It is award season for the films of 2018 and people are liberally casting opinions about the movies they loved or hated. When it comes to the genre of film it seems that we all become armchair critics. Is that fair? What about artistry in acting, directing, visuals etc.? What constitutes an award-winning movie? What ultimately makes a movie a classic?

That started me thinking about the differences between an award-winning book, a classic book, a popular book or one that just grabs you personally. I researched information about award-winning books and found that critics used these words to describe them: demands our attention, compelling and authoritative, potent and hallucinatory, frank and stirring, rich texture of narrative, hypnotic music of voice, energetic and vibrant prose, staggering revelations, believable and relatable characters…

There are structural rules to be followed in the creation of both books and movies but, as can be seen by the above descriptions, there is that extra ‘something’ that elevates a work to a higher status. But what is that ‘something’? Why do some of these creations win awards or become classics?

I am reminded of a story one of my friends related about her book club. They had decided to read ‘the classics’ for that calendar year. When they started reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen a few of the readers got very bogged down. They found it boring and didn’t care for the writing style. But how could this be? It is considered a classic. Classics are judged to have a timeless quality–a lasting worth. Have some classics ceased to be worthy or have some of us become unworthy of the classics? Shakespeare anyone???

These are the questions rattling around in my head as I prepare to send excerpts of my book to agents and publishers. It is my hope that they will see something compelling and relatable in my story. In the meantime, I would love to hear from all of you that are reading and following my blog. What do you find commands your attention in a book, play or movie? What do you consider worthy of awards? Do you enjoy the classics? Maybe we can find the answers to my questions together.

7 thoughts on “What is worthy of your time and attention?

  1. Oh yes… Hi Sharon, I am excited to get this next blog. I am excited to have this opportunity to read you. I know you’ve been working on preparing this book for a long time so it is wonderful to see you getting so much closer.

    I hope you and Wayne are doing well. All is good here. A routine has set in, work (but only for another 2.5 years.. yeah!), indoor climbing and dancing. In that order. I barely dance anymore. Tango is all do. I try to do it at least once per week but in the last few months it’s more like every 3 weeks.

    I visit my dad who’s 1.5 hours away every once in a while and my sister who’s in Brooklin, near Oshawa, once in a while too. My kids I get to see maybe once per year. At least we talk regularly so that is nice for that at least.

    How are you 2 doing? how are Lara and Collin and their families? the grand-children must be so big now.

    Anyhow, I can wait to read the blog so I will leave you on that.

    Thank you so much for sharing the blog with me and take good care,




  2. You raise some really interesting questions. I am not sure how I feel about classics vs award winning vs poular in either films or books. It reminded me though of the same catagories in furniture styles. While I admire classic antiques from many periods, I don’t want to live with them. They are nice in a museum or perhaps B&B escape weekend. I also admire really unusual thought provoking pieces maybe because they evoke a memory or challenge the conventional wisdom. But in the end, I choose my LazyBoy over the Eames chair when I settle in to read or watch TV. My tastes in books, film and furniture change with time and circumstances. More thinking required!


  3. Well I am glad you did not let these critics get to you – for too long anyways. It is true as a general rule, people are judgmental and do so way to quickly — I am doing it right now by just writing this! What is important is that you get to write. As the writer I believe you can say whatever you want, you can say it however you want and whenever you want to say it. It will be interpreted in as many ways as there will be people reading it and that, you cannot control it and could never control how people feel about it. So i say: good for you Sharon. I look forward to more blog and the book for sure. Ciao! Marie xoxo



  4. So interesting Sharon. Both your anxieties and your celebrations of life contribute to the person you have become. Our lives are always a work in progress – as is the publication of your book. As I read your post, my mind kept going back to an old adage – ‘What you pay attention to grows.’ Continue to enjoy this creative experience. Donna


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