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Geckos & Guns: The Pakistan Years

Geckos and Guns: The Pakistan Years by Sharon Bazant coming soon
Photo courtesy of Asian Studies Group, Islamabad, Pakistan.

My next book is the story of another great adventure—Geckos & Guns: The Pakistan Years

Before we moved to Thailand, our family of four was posted to Pakistan. This was our first experience in living outside of Canadian culture, and what an experience it was!

Where Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned is a tale of my soul’s journey in finding forgiveness and happiness, the focus of our time in Pakistan is one of adjustment to the surroundings, the cultural differences, and, at times, the imminent danger. In the five years we spent there we learned to love much about our new home—the temperate climate, the stark beauty of the countryside, the spicy curries, the exotic weddings… But, along the way, there were many highs and lows—constant power cuts, flash floods, trips into opium country, bombings, a family emergency and more.